Uji Fisikokimia VCO Dengan Metode Pemanasan, Pemancingan dan Mixing


Virgin coconut oil; physicochemical test; free fatty acid

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octo zulkarnain and S. Ferdiana, “Uji Fisikokimia VCO Dengan Metode Pemanasan, Pemancingan dan Mixing”, 2019, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 15 - 16, Jan. 2020.


Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is pure coconut oil that has a medicinal efficacy. The content of fatty acids, lauric acid, vitamin E and minerals can keep up the health of the human body.  The purpose of this research is to compare the results of the physicochemical test with different manufacture of VCO.  VCO made from coconut Bali that has a thick texture of meat by method, heating, fishing, and mixing.  The coconut milk is then processed into a cream divided into 3 and processed by different methods. The harvesting method is processed using the heat temperature Max 60C., fishing using VCO so that it is then mixed in the cream and allowed in 24 hours. While mixing cream in stirring up to 30 minutes and let stand for 24 hours.  After the VCO is adapted with different methods of manufacture then carried out physicochemical tests that see the results of water content, type weight, number of peroxide and free fatty acids. The physical-chemical test results showed the results of the heating method of the highest water content of 1.4%, the same third weight, the highest peroxide number with the mixing method 1.01 mgrekO2/Kg, and the highest free fatty acids with a fishing method of 2.4%. These results show there is a difference between the different methods of making VCO physicochemical test results. VCO is a herbal herb from pure coconut that can keep the health seen from the free fatty acid content that it is found.



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