Evaluasi Evaluasi Evaluasi Secara Menejerial Pengelolaan Sampah Padat Di Pasar Wonokromo Kota Surabaya Tahun 2019

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P. Dewi, H. Suryono, and B. Sunarko, “Evaluasi Evaluasi Evaluasi Secara Menejerial Pengelolaan Sampah Padat Di Pasar Wonokromo Kota Surabaya Tahun 2019”, 2019, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 54 - 56, Jan. 2020.


The market is one of many public places and performs a variety of activities, one of which is a place of trade between buyers and sellers. The purpose of this research is to study the application of solid waste management in Wonokromo Market in Surabaya City which is reviewed as a whole based on management (Planning, Organizing, Actuation, Control) and 5M resources (Human, Material, Money, Method, Machine). Research conducted includes descriptive research using cross sectional. Data collection techniques are done using observation and interviews. The object of research is the solid waste treatment system related to project management and the research subjects are managers who involve the solid waste management system in the Wonokromo City Surabaya market. The data that has been obtained is then analyzed using SWOT analysis (Strength, Opportunities, Weakness, and Threats). The results obtained from the review of waste handling in Wonokromo Market, Surabaya City on the installation of 83.23%, sorting drunk 93.75%, transportation drunk 84.61%, drunk temporary shelter 73.33%, and storing processing 71.42% with everyone's category is good. SWOT analysis is obtained by strategy, which is issued: (1) Waste management in the Wonokromo market has a clear plan; (2) Collaboration between PD Pasar Surya and third parties is needed in terms of waste management; (3) Increase the number of staff or human resources (HR) for waste management; (4) There is a need for additional facilities and infrastructure related to waste management such as the provision of waste bins that meet the requirements at each kiosk / gang / loser trader; (5) Increasing the participation of buyers and traders about the importance of disposing garbage in the place. It can be concluded that there must be an increase in the number of sources or Human Resources (HR) at the merging meeting, phase sorting, temporary shelter transportation, and waste treatment. Keywords: Solid Waste, Waste Management, SWOT Analysis.


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