Rancang Bangun Low Cost Extra Oral Suction /OSIRIS (Oral Suction dokter Iskak)

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Abdullah, K. (2021). Rancang Bangun Low Cost Extra Oral Suction /OSIRIS (Oral Suction dokter Iskak). Prosiding Seminar Nasional Kesehatan Poltekkes Kemenkes Surabaya 2020, 2(1). Retrieved from http://semnas.poltekkesdepkes-sby.ac.id/index.php/2020/article/view/338


Extra Oral Suction is an air suction device that functions to capture particles <0.3 micron in size at a maximum distance of 20 centimeters. Where this will help isolate patients with confirmed positive COVID 19 status, so that they can stay side by side with other patients if indeed a hospital does not have an isolation room or is in a fully filled condition, so that it is able to provide protection to people around the patient and of course health workers. This research is the result of a local negative pressure generator or what is called ExtraOral Suction which is portable and its business studies. The main part of the unit consists of the main Blower using the Inline Duct type with a capacity of 1000CMH, Flexible Exhaust Arm, Filter Unit (Absorber, Dust Absorber, Medium filter, and PM2.5 Filter), UV Light, Speed ​​Controller, Ac Inverter, Backup Battery as power. backup in case the mains power supply in the hospital goes out and limited patient mobilization is required. Product test to test the specifications is carried out by the BPFK. After passing the product test, Extraoral Suction can be operated properly for 24 hours. The design of Extra Oral Suction is portable, can be used in several chamber applicators (Dental Chamber, Wheelchair Chamber, Anesthesy Chamber, Obsgyn Chamber), with high static power, quiet, low power consumption, but also cheap and easy in terms of the treatment is to isolate positive COVID 19 patients by utilizing the existing room.